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Featured scientists

Vijay Padul

Sr. Scientist – Omics

Vijay Padul is a Senior Scientist at Rhenix, who leads bioinformatics, genomics, and Next Generation Sequencing research…

Swetha Chakrabarthi

Jr. Scientist – Omics

Shweta works as a scientist at Rhenix. Currently, she is working on a Digital Medicine project exploring clinical applications…

Souvik Datta

Content writer – Clinical

Souvik Datta is a scientist and content writer at Rhenix. He writes scientific content and clinical white papers…

Nupur Biswas

Sr. Scientist – Omics

Nupur Biswas is working as a Senior bioinformatics scientist at Rhenix. She is working on bioinformatics and…


Content writer – Clinical

Divyalakshmi is a Clinical content writer at Rhenix. She is responsible for writing scientific content on healthcare…

Numair Arshad

Content writer – Clinical

Numair is a Clinical content writer at Rhenix. He is responsible for writing scientific medical whitepapers and blogs. His work is...

Sowmya Shivarama

Content writer – Clinical

Sowmya is a Clinical content writer at Rhenix. She works with multiple teams to produce scientific content such…

Ishita Narvekar

Jr. Economist intern

Ishita Narvekar working as a junior economist at Rhenix. My work involves collecting micro and macro data related to GDP, healthcare...

Jhivir Kapoor

Jr. Economist intern

Jhivir Kapoor is a health analyst intern at Rhenix. He collects data regarding GDP, expenditure, healthcare...

Abhijeet Chavan
Shaheen Shah

Jr. Economist intern

Content writer – Clinical

Abhijeet is working as a Junior Economist at Rhenix. His tasks include collecting data on Socioeconomic variables...

Dr. Shaheen Shah, presently working remotely as Clinical Content Ambassador of Rhenix Lifesciences, Hyderabad, Telangana (India).

Yogita Dhas

Content writer – Clinical

Yogita is a Clinical Content Writer at Rhenix. She is responsible for writing scientific content and clinical white papers on healthcare...

Aditi Ratnam
Bharati Chundi

Proofreading intern

Content writer – Clinical

Aditi works as a Proofreading intern in the content team at Rhenix Lifesciences where she is responsible for the content...

Dr. Bharathi is working as a clinical content ambassador in Rhenix life sciences. Her areas of specialization include...

Jay Darji

Jr. Technical researcher

Jay is an engineer with well-developed skills in Data analytics, research, and software development. He is also a good...

Isha Shaw
J. Renuka Prasanna
Chiluveru sruthi

Data analyst intern

Isha Shaw is working as a Data Analyst intern at Rhenix. Her work involves collecting data about Professors of Engineering colleges...

Software engineer

J. Renuka Prasanna is a B.Tech CSE graduate from Gudlavalleru Engineering College. She currently holds the position of a Software...

Graphic designer

Sruthi is a graphic designer intern at Rhenix LifeSciences. She is responsible for designing various user-friendly designs for healthcare...

Prathyusha Kuppili

AWS and App developer

Prathyusha Kuppili is an AWS and app developer at Rhenix LifeSciences. She is responsible for AWS services and their integration...

Chaya YK

Data analyst intern

Chaya is working as a Data analytics intern at Rhenix Lifesciences. Currently, she is collecting the details of...

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