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Healthcare economics

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Proofreading intern

February 07, 2023

Summary "Brain tumour patients’ use of social media for disease management: Current practices and implications for the future."

Brain tumor-related diseases are some of the longest and most painful ailments worldwide, and their symptoms lead to social and physical isolation. This study is based on the patients who were administered a questionnaire...

Social media
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Proofreading intern

January 10, 2023

Summary "How mental health care should change as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic?"

As the world went from having the busiest streets to empty ones, lives were changed all around in 2020. The coronavirus or Covid-19 more formally known as SARS-CoV-2 was first discovered in Wuhan, China in December...


Jr. Economist intern

December 20, 2022

Summary "Caste differences in hypertension among women in India: diminishing health returns to socioeconomic status for lower caste groups."

The caste system is a relatively rigid system of social hierarchy in India. Caste membership defines one’s access to resources and life opportunities. A growing body of research suggests that lower caste...

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Proofreading intern

November 01, 2022

Summary "YouTube as a Source of Information for Neurosurgery"

Social Media is an important part of our daily lives; statistically, it has been so for the last two centuries. We have evolved from the invention of the telegraph in 1844 (where messages were transmitted physically...

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Jr. Economist intern

September 28, 2022

Summary "Association of multidimensional poverty with dementia in adults aged 50 years or older in South Africa"

Dementia has become a global health challenge. It is well documented that poor social determinants of health are directly associated with the disease. Hence a multidimensional approach to poverty...

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Jr. Economist intern

September 21, 2022

Summary "Caste, Religion, and Mental Health in India"

A large, multi-disciplinary literature in social epidemiology, public health, and medical sociology has been concerned with documenting and understanding disparities in health by race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic...

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Jr. Economist intern

August 12, 2022

Summary "Comparing the average cost of outpatient care of public and for-profit private providers in India"

In mixed healthcare systems like India's, it is crucial to understand the cost of care associated with various types of healthcare providers to influence policy discussions. Existing studies reporting Out of Pocket Expenditure...

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Jr. Economist intern

July 22, 2022

Summary "Health and its impact on economic growth in India – An explanation"

The role of ‘human capital’ in economic growth is vital. An economy that depends on human capital is now widely accepted. A higher level of human capital is the result of a higher level of health status, better health education...

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